Who We Are

Current PTO Officers for 2020-2021

The GO PTO Board are parents and caregivers of Gibbs and Ottoson students, just like you. We meet regularly with the school’s principals to discuss areas of concern at the schools. If you have the interest, please consider becoming involved as an officer of GO PTO.

  • Co-Presidents - Steve Berczuk & Janine Duffy

  • Gibbs Principal - Mme. Pierre-Maxwell, J.D.

  • Ottoson Principal - Brian Meringer

  • Co-Treasurers - Steve Berczuk & Tracy Swyst

  • Recording Secretary - Farah Shafi

  • Communications - Ashley Lorenz

  • Fundraising Coordinators - Cassie and Travis MacDonald

  • Special Events Coordinator - Jodi Auerbach

  • Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Rajeev Soneja

  • Website Updates - Steve Berczuk, Ashley Lorenz

  • Tech Coordinator - Shawn Szturma

  • Members-at-Large - <Your name here!> These are members of the governing board who do not hold a named officer position, but attend most meetings and assist with special projects as needed. It's another great way to be involved, help with the work, and help make decisions. If interested, attend our next meeting or email hello@gibbsottosonpto.org

Contact us

To contact any of us, please email hello@gibbsottosonpto.org

Any written communication can be sent to:

GO PTOc/o Ottoson Middle School63 Acton StreetArlington, MA 02476

GO PTO Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the GO PTO are to:

  • Promote the welfare of students by providing both financial and volunteer support for the schools and their activities.

  • Encourage a partnership between home and the schools where parents and teachers cooperate meaningfully in the development of the students.

  • Develop cooperation and support between educators and the general public to secure the highest advantages in physical, cognitive, social and emotional education for every student.

What does GO PTO do? Here are some of our past activities:

  • Meet with the principal to discuss issues of concern at Gibbs and Ottoson Schools. Contact us at hello@gibbsottosonpto.org to present your comments, concerns, and questions.

  • Host parent breakfasts with the Principals and guest speakers to discuss topics relating to your child’s school experience.

  • Fund each teacher for classroom related materials, +/-$200 each. This funding is possible because of your annual donations.

  • Organize and fund a mini-grant program to meet student needs identified by faculty and staff.

  • Support funding of enrichment activities such as student participation at the Science Fair competition in Lowell, the Art Department's 'Inside Out' project, and a National History Day trip to DC.

  • Organize and fund Teacher Appreciation events in the fall and spring.

Click here for the GO PTO meeting schedule, how to get involved.

Read our Newsletters for specifics on this year's PTO efforts.