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Information for resources GO PTO provides to Gibbs and OMS Faculty and Staff

Classroom Supplies Stipend

Classroom Supplies Stipend

One of the ways Gibbs-Ottoson Parent Teacher Organization (formerly OPAC) supports Arlington's public middle schools is by offering a $200 annual stipend to every Gibbs and Ottoson teacher, for classroom supplies that would help support effective teaching.

See the Supply Guidelines Letter for what is covered and how it works.

See this FAQ for how to use our GO PTO Amazon Business Account.

Additional questions? Contact the GOPTO Treasurer (

*New for Spring 2021*
Classroom 'Bonding' Funds

In light of this unusual school year, GO PTO is also offering up to $30 per classroom, or $100 per LC for what we are calling 'classroom bonding'. The intent is anything that would enable you to give your students an opportunity for some fun together, be they Remote or Full-Return. Think things to help kids connect in the moment, (food, activity supplies etc). But not swag bags, keepsakes, etc. It can be tied to the curriculum, but it doesn't need to be, and multiple classrooms or LC's can join together to maximize their dollars if they wish.

To put in a request, fill this form out or email

NOTE: it will be your responsibility to purchase and coordinate delivery of goods and facilitate of the 'event', as well as soliciting parent volunteers within the classroom/LC if needed.
PTO is simply providing funding.