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GO PTO Special Announcements & Volunteer Opportunities

Join the GO PTO Board

Serving on the GO PTO Board gives you a direct say in the daily decisions we make to support our staff and students. Email with your interest in, or questions about, these positions:

Current Open Board Positions for 2021-2022

  • Co-President

  • Tech Coordinator - Google Apps admin (keyholder for login, password, etc; this is where we house our docs, files, and GOTPO email addresses), website admin (be the keyholder for login, password, etc). Experience with GoogleApps would be great, but not required; former admin can give you a tutorial.

  • Members-at-Large - These are members of the governing board who do not hold a named officer position, but attend most meetings and assist with special projects as needed. It's another great way to be involved, help with the work, and help make decisions.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Newsletter Compiler(s) - complile the week's news into our Mailchimp newsletter template for the Communications Coordinator to edit and send; only one compiler needed per week and the more compilers we have the more you can spread out the labor. Compiling must be completed 10AM Monday mornings, which means you can do the work in your own time over the weekend. Content is sourced from school calendars and our newsletter Gmail account. Approx 1-1.5 hrs of work each week depending on news volume. The more compilers we have, the more they can rotate out week to week. Email with your interest or questions about this job.