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GO PTO Special Announcements & Volunteer Opportunities

Join the GO PTO Board

Serving on the GO PTO Board gives you a direct say in the daily decisions we make to support our staff and students. GOPTO is refreshingly low-key compared to Elementary. We still fundraise for staff appreciation, supply stipends, classroom grants, and occasional enrichment and school events subsidy, but at the middle school level we do not plan field trips, enrichment, school pictures, yearbook, etc. - that is all facilitated by the administration.

Open Board Positions for 2022-2023

  • Vice President - shares duties with the President like running meetings, fielding requests from the Administration, keeping the board informed of necessary agenda items, etc. This person could also take on President in fall of 2023, as the current President is looking to pass the role on to someone new after this year.

  • Tech Coordinator - 1Password admin; Google Apps admin (keyholder for login, password, etc; this is where we house our docs, files, and GOTPO email addresses); Website admin (hosted by Google apps;be the keyholder for login, password, etc; editing not required as that is done by Communications). Past experience with GoogleApps and 1Password would be helpful, but not required; former admin can give you a tutorial.

  • Members-at-Large - These are members of the governing board who do not hold a named officer position, but attend most meetings (usually 1st Tuesday of the month @7pm), and assist with special projects as needed. It's another great way to be involved and help make decisions without having to commit to a specific role.

Email with your interest in, or questions about, these roles. See our list of current Board members.

Additional Needs for 2022-2023

  • Additional Newsletter Editor(s) - the Communications Chair is looking to train up a few people to take on more of the newsletter duties. It is created in Mailchimp, and all that's required is plugging content that has been submitted to our email inbox to the template each week (the newsletter usally goes out every Monday). The CChair will provide plenty guidance along the way. See the Newsletter Archive at the top of this page for content examples.

  • Co-Treasurer(s) In-Training - Co-Treasurer is one of the most crucial roles at GOPTO. The primary tasks of the GOPTO Co-Treasurers is to approve and pay out teachers' supply stipends and grant requests, give monthly fundraising and budget reports, admin our Paypal and CheddarUp accounts, and file our taxes (which are fairly simple). The 2 current Co-Treasurers will be moving on from OMS after this year. Trainees will shadow them throughout the year in preparation to take the role on in full for 2023-2024.

Email with your interest in, or questions about, these roles.